Before And After

As the year is closing in its nice to take a look at the things we’ve finished already. Here’s a few before and after pics on the tasks accomplished.

Floorboards before and after
Varnishing the floorboards made the boards look almost like new! 🙂
The saloon floor before and after
The saloon floor before and after

Sanding and varnishing the floorboards made a really big difference! More stories and pics about the job can be found in the article Varnishing The Floorboards Gives A New Look.

Aft cabin motor sound insulations before and after
The aft cabin motor sound insulations were renewed
Motor cover sound insulation before and after
The motor cover get a refreshed also on the inside!
Table hinges before and after
New table hinges – a small but well noticed detail

More on the small improvements can be found here Sweating The Small Stuff, Part 2.

Forepeak before and after
Forepeak before and after
Motor cover before and after
The motor cover looking a bit better
Companionway stairs before and after
The companionway stairs were also sanded, painted and the wood colored parts were stained and varnished. To increase safety, the steps got safety-walk tapes on.
The saloon before and after
Fixing the interior gave the boat a whole new look and increased coziness of the boat substantially!

All in all fixing the interiors required a lot of sweat equity, but it was well worth the effort. On the article More Light With Painting The Interior you’ll find more pics and info on the job.

Electrics off the toilet
Previous place for the power main switches etc. at the toilet was not practical.

The most important job this year was renewing the electrics and installing new equipment. More on the safety improvements in Renewing The Electrics.

Companionway doors before and after
The Companionway doors are looking good!

Renewing the doors didn’t go too well last year. Learning from The Companionway Fiasco, the second time went a lot better, but not that much easier, The New Companionway Doors, vol 2.

VHF before and after
Old and new technology

NMEA2000, sending and recieving AIS and the new VHF helps us communicate and locate’s us on the map. More on renewed devices on AIS, AIS baby.

Chart plotter before and after
Before the chart plotter the coordinates were given by the GPS. Now the the chart plotter makes the navigation a lot easier…

The New Chart Plotter Makes Life Easy tells more about the grinding…

Reading lights after
Reading lights were made of two LED chart lights.
LED lights before and after
The LED strip lights were installed behind the mouldings and they make the lighting softer inside.

Mood Lighting With LED Lights and USB Charging tells more about the subject.

Quite a number of changes were made this year, also when it comes to the boat renovations. I’m pretty pleased with what we accomplished. This gives a good starting point for this winter’s renovations!


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