More Light With Painting The Interior

The interior of the boat felt dark due to the all dark wood colors. Also some parts of the roof were treated with dim white varnish, giving ugly color differences. It was time to continue the project started in fall.

A bit more snow don’t bother as there was plenty of work to be done inside! J

Removing and carefully marking all the mouldings wasn’t too fast, but definitely worth the effort. A lot less time was needed in taping and the result was way better. And of course putting them back on was fast.


Quite a lot of dust after sanding, which could have been seen on those rare days without any snow coming down.

At the same time I took off shelves, backrests etc. Some of those parts got treated with stain and varnish. After the main power switch and other electrical wirings was removed from the WC wall, holes and other uneven spots were filled with wood filler and painted white.

Always a good day to fix the boat! Pictures above were from the 1st of May. It was snowing again the day before! Spring was very late this year…

Veneen sisätilojen maalaus
The result is just great, even if I say it myself! 🙂

The cabin looks good and is filled with light compared with the look. Note the roof window frames! Previously the dark wood sucked all the light coming in. Now the white color is reflecting the light in. The difference is surprisingly big.

The boat was already at sea when the front cabin got the same treatment.

Keulahytin maalaus
Looking fresh after the painting!

Also the entrance was sanded, painted and the wood colored parts were stained and varnished. To increase safety, the steps got safety-walk tapes on. The engine cover got its sound reduction elements changed inside and the same paint, stain and varnish treatment outside. And felt pads underneath so that the new precious floors don’t get scratched. =)

Looking good.

Fixing the interior gave the boat a whole new look and increased coziness of the boat substantially. Now, as I’m writing this long after the job is done, sweat is pouring from my forehead. Goddamn, it took a lot of effort to get it done! I was at the boat every night after work until 10-11 from April to July. But the result great and now it feels marvelous to enjoy the new bright and cozy interior.


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