Inside Job

There’s still snow coming sideways, but ice is melting promisingly! 🙂

At last the cold weather front passed and I’ve got to start with the tasks inside the boat. There are still many things on the to do list, from little face lifts to installing new gear.

Finally doing some real work!

Many tasks still require more warmth, for example for paint, glue etc. to dry. In the mean time it’s time to do the preparation work. The aim is to have the aft cabin in the same condition as the rest of the boat.

There’s enough of moldings around the corners…

The first task was to remove and mark every one of the moldings. Although I knew there were many, it still surprising how many there can be!

Hieroglyphs to be interpreted later… “Bunk middle roof side left upper”.

In the end there were 40-50 bits of moldings and a deciliter of screws. Even if it takes a while to mark everyone of them, it pays off when they’re put back. That is if I can read my own hieroglyphs! 🙂

Laying around at the boat.

Next it’s time for sanding…


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