Fit For The Summer – Measuring The Hips


Measuring the width of the hips. This time there’s no need to loose some inches, but to install the windvane. In order to do that a rack needs to be done to get it attached. Hopefully this time we’ll get the windvane installed before the summer and get it tested.

At the warehouse. As one might guess, the parts needed are not in the front… 🙂

A friend from our sailing club Sindbad has promised to help out with the rack and the weldings.

In addition also the anchor chain box and the bow rail need some adjustments. The box covers has to be cut in half and a plate welded on the spot in order to get the anchor windlass installed.

Previously we were pondering on different solutions for a bowsprit. In the end the easiest and the most durable solution for us would be using simply an anchor roller.

Some modifications are needed to get the anchor roller installed.

For some reason the bow design of our boat is too narrow for any kind of an anchor solution. In order to install the anchor roller, also the bow rails need to be modified. So, a lot of work needs to be done also to get these installed.


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