A New Boat Fixers Anonymous Group Is Out, Join Now!

What’s the name of the game?

Boat Fixers Anonymous is a new virtual support group for boat fixers. You can find Boat Fixers Anonymous both on Facebook and on Instagram.

The idea behind the group came already a few years ago, when I was working late at the boat one night. I had just read about some misfortunes from my friends blog. And I guess my own work didn’t go as planned either. So I started to ponder that boat fixers should have their own “AA -club”, where they could share their adversities. Group shouldn’t concentrate on the fabulous before and after stories, but quite the contrary, right on those moments in time when the support is most needed. And a new motivation has to be found somewhere to get one self together for a rerun. On the other hand, boat clubs might just be the place for this. But more often than not, the right guys are just not available at the right time.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun if we can get enough likeminded people together to share their stories.

It’s comforting to know someone is always doing worse! 😀 And most of all, regardless of that, gets his/her pieces together and finishes the job! Cursing won’t get the job done But the faster one can see what happened in a positive light, the faster one has the energy to try again! And besides, failing just is funny, when you get to that face. 🙂

So, if this could be something for you, click and hit the like button! Boat Fixers Anonymous groups in Facebook and in Instagram.


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