Light In The Dark – Painting The Aft Cabin

Lately the blog has been unfortunately outdated as all the time has been spent on the practical aspects of the content.  =)

Aft cabin before and after

Atleast some things have been pretty much completed. One of them is painting of the aft cabin. On the previous blogs we’ve been following it’s development.

Along with bunch of other jobs also the paintings progressed step by step. Especially Kaisu took a role as a our leading painter.

Previously the dark walls sucked all the light.

Sanding away.

Paint it white.


Regardless of pretty well marked bits, it was a real puzzle to find the right peaces. The mouldings had to be installed in the right order to get them on, so finding the right ones took it’s time… two nights were spent in joging them on in the small space.

Here’s a few pics of the outcome. It will be nice after we get the mattresses in. 🙂

Liberta aft cabin.jpg

More specs on the paints and wood wax used from the article on painting the boat interior.


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