Surprised By The Summer – Launching The Boat In The Middle Of The Spring Activities

Early boat catches the sea.

The spring has flewn by fast and the date for launching the boat arrived sooner than wanted. A common date, already in the beginning of May, was set for the whole yacht club for launching the boats, so all the renovations had to be prioritized thinking of that date. There was a hurry to get all the welding jobs done before the launch.

The bracket for the windvane is soon one with Liberta.
Hand rail and the anchor hatch being modified for the windlass and the anchor roll.

Pete from our yacht club did all the weldings on time regardless of the annouying wind conditions! Luckily there were a few rainless days on that week.

The shaft of the windvane on place already a few hours before lauching the boat!

Time almost run out on mounting the windvane. In the end I got the parts cut and adjusted right on time. The thing was at it’s place around eleven on Friday night. Launching the boats began seven o’clock the next morning….

More on the welding jobs Pete made and the windvane installation on the next update.

Off with the glycols, paint on the bottom and changing the oils…

On top of fixing the rudder and painting the interior and other renovations, also the normal spring activities had to be made. This time with a minimum effort, I have to admit. There just didn’t seem to be the time or the weather for the outside paint jobs. Also some of the motor maintenance needs to be done during the next few weeks on on water.

The boat on dock at 7:15.

Getting the boat out itself went smoothly. The day began already at 7 o’clock. Our boat happened to the first one out. As the engine worked as it should, we were already on our place at 7:15! A record of it’s kind for us. 🙂

The day continued helping out the others and it was well passed two before all the boats were out.


At our club Sindbad there are a lot of different kind of boats. And also many salty sailors and their boats. For example Kristiina is one boat, which trip around the world I followed every week for years.


Ellida with it’s aft masts is the most peculiar boat of our club. And at the time of it’s making, the only one of it’s kind in the world. Outstanding boat!

All in all a very interesting day.

What comes to Liberta, the work continues, even if the element changed to a more suitable for a boat.


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