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It’s been quiet on the blog front recently. This time of the year effort should on doing things, not writing about it. Lately I feel like I’ve underperformed on both. Or at least the todo –lists have been too overwhelming. Way too big workload has been causing too much stress… But I’m working on it, one task at a time…

Liberty at last.

The covers were removed already in the beginning of April and the summer got a long step closer. For once I visited the warehouse before hitting the stores. A stack of brushes was found and I think there’s enough for this spring. If I could get better organized with all the stuff buried in the warehouse, probably a few pennies would be saved… Once I found sandpaper worth at least 100 euros, which had been hidden for years… 🙂

A few brushes was found from the warehouse.

The joy from saving money in brushes was not taking too long as the sanding machine died. Luckily the hardware store near by has long opening hours.

The old sanding machine served well for 20 years.
Luckily new one was available fast and not too much time was wasted on this.

Fixing the aft cabin continued by sanding. The was a good amount of dust in the small space, finding it’s way everywhere…

One step at a time..

At last we got to the painting. Small space required Mission impossible type of moves not to stain yourself trying to paint the surfaces. But we got the job in a good phase. A few nights will still be needed to get the job done.

Liberta painting the aft cabin.jpg
Here we go.

You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s paint it like they do on the Discovery channel.

Looking good! A few nights and it will be great.

At the same time also planning of the welding jobs have moved forward. My friend from the yacht club has plenty of ideas how to make the changes. And best way is forming and the time to do it.


Also a new boat roll bar has been in process. I’d like to get a more sturdy one that could take solar panels and the new radar. I haven’t had the time to find someone to do the job. I you have someone you could recommend, please mail us!

It could look something like that.

Also a few other tasks are under work, but more on those later.


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