Easy Task Made Difficult – Case: Replacing The Zincs

One easy task that changed difficult was changing the zincs on the CD20 saildrive. Easy tasks just didn’t seem to work out…

Vetolaitteen sinkin vaihto on voimalaji
Its all about the power!

The screws on the side of the saildrive were just stuck. When WD40 and other magic oils didn’t help, it was time to trust sheer power. I bought a meter long shaft and a rubber hammer. Still, a lot of violence had to be used in order for the screw to open. Luckily it did and the zinc was changed.

Another surprising problem that arised was changing the zincs behind the propeller. As with many other things, there was shurely a lot of time since the zinc was changed. The worst part was one of the allen screws. It was so soft that in 2 seconds it was round and there was no way to open it. So, again to the store, buying a set of screw extractors and back to the boat for a new try.

I drilled a hole to the allen screw and tried to get the screw extractor to hold on. Somehow it just didn’t seem to get a grip. I was beginning to get nervous cause it was time to lift the boat out to the sea in two days.

I was glad my friend Timo came to the rescue! After a short thought exchange I drilled the hole deeper. Didn’t help. New try and the whole screw was cut in half! Skate. I was getting nervous for a second, but actually it was a savior. One could take the zinc out now that the screw was broken and bit of the screw was visible. Now I could get a grip of it with pliers and also the rest of the screw was off. Zincs replaced! Phew!

The zincs could be changed by removing just the propeller. In some instructions you should also take out the axle shaft. But with the Yanmar SD20 saildrive the zincs can be changed without removing the axle shaft.

Zinc replaced right in time before hauling out the boat.

Not too well designed, the expensive original Yanmar parts needed drilling before the holes fitted…

To be exact, it wasn’t over just yet. The expensive original Yanmar parts were so badly designed that the holes had to be drilled bigger for the zincs to fit. These were not just Monday samples, the same thing had happened to others with the same saildrive. Luckily we had the proper tools for the job at hand and the zincs were finally at their place…


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