Renewing The Electrics

The most important job this year was renewing the electrics and installing new equipment. For the job we got help from our friend Timo, without who this job could not have been done. It was just great to learn from a pro!

Previous place for the power main switches etc. at the toilet was not practical

The old installation place for the power main switches, inverter for the shore power etc. at the toilet was taking a lot of room, was unpractical and disposed to moisture and touching. Also the wires and the screw terminal were out of date and no longer met today’s requirements.

The cables were renewed and everything was stripped away from the wall. Cables are now going under the floor and the main power switch, screw terminal, NMEA2000, inverter for the shore power and all other equipment is installed underneath the bench of the navigation station. Also the air vent for the engine was renewed and was taken away from the toilet.

The cables are now going nicely undet the floor.

At the same Timo noticed some safety deficiencies, for example missing fuses. So also the safety part improved substantially. On many occasions days were long and it was often 10-11 before the day was through. So there was use for Timo’s head lamp!

Is there any power left?

Also a new battery monitor was installed. Everything going in and out of the batteries goes through it, so it’s easy and convenient now to follow the usage. Especially many of the old school lamps were using way more electricity than one might expect. Changing those to leds will be one important task before the long voyage.



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