Varnishing The Floorboards Gives A New Look

The floor was beginning to be badly worn up. How could I get the floorboards renewed? I happened to talk about it with a friend from the same sailing club and he knew about his friend’s blog where he writes about his own project. There were a few good tips and it gave hope that mine will be good as well!

The floorboards were worn up.

Especially on the busy spots the floor was awful! Luckily there was still enough wood to sand down the boards.

Tip number one: take a picture and note specifically where you have some extra pieces of wood balancing the floorboards.

In the chilly April weather it was good to work under the boat. The boards that were the most worn out I sanded down with an 80 sand paper, the others with 120 or more.

The results could be seen immediately…

Then we got to the varnishing itself… One round took only a bit over an hour as all the boards could be done in a row.

In the first round one didn’t notice how bad the fumes were. A proper mask is a must!

Looking good!

There was a reason to be pleased when the boards were at place! J

The floorboards were varnished 5-6 times. I was lazy on sanding down the boards in between the rounds. This was done on all boards only on the last two rounds. End result is looking very nice and the floor is not too slippery.

As a tip, I strongly recommend you to take pictures and put all the extra balancers carefully aside. I learned that the hard way. As I had several other projects going on at the same time, the boards were waiting to get to their places for weeks, thus giving a lot of time for the balancing pieces to end up where ever… J


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