Well Planned Is Totally Undone

I’ll go back to a few stories on fixes we did on the boat during the spring and summer 17. In February before the boat fare we really started planning on doing THE voyage. Long lists were made on what skills and information we must acquire before taking off. Also endless list were made on improvements that should be done on the boat and all the gear we still need to purchase. The next phase was to divide the list in month level for the next two years. Although the to-dos seemed to be heavily weighted on the near future, there was light to be seen in the tunnel. Also this elephant would be eaten one piece at a time.

To do lists piling up

At the same time walls were beginning to be filled with maps of the world and the Baltic Sea. Maps acted as decorative elements but also and mainly as sources of motivation. Thoughts on the sailing trips to be made during the next summer kept the sight close enough to grasp. Now writing this a lot later, I must admit that we didn’t have time put enough effort on planning the summers four week sailing trip. On the other hand that was also an important lesson for the longer voyage. Well set up plan with realistic steps is appreciated also on the sailing routes.

Destinations for the summer’s sailing trip
Dream map of the Eastern Caribbean

The most important projects were renewing the electrics and buying and istalling new devices, such as AIS, VHF, NMEA2000, Chart plotter etc. Also the interior surfaces were in desperate need for improvement. In the next blogs I’ll get back to these as there was no time write when they days were long fixing the boat…


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