Fall Activities

At fall Liberta visited the Hopeasalmi dock, where the electrics were checked and some of the damages caused by the short circuit were fixed. Inverter for the shore power, radio, main power switches, some wires etc. were renewed.

One of the special things to do was to transfer the boat cradle. The cradle was on an island, from where it couldn’t be transferred via bridge, so it had to be transferred with a ferry! Not a very cheap exercise, but again a new experience.

Battery died in the remote control, but we got the cradle on the ferry…
At Rajasaari

The rest of the journey went with the “traditional” tie your boat cradle to your cars towing hitch and drive method… =)

When there is will there is a way

In October it was time to lift the boat up. At MVS yacht club these were meant for early risers as the operation begins at 7 o’clock at Rajasaari. This time the sun rise was so exceptionally beautiful that it certainly was worth it to rise early!

Early birds on the way at 6:33.
The sun rise was magnificent!
Both sides of the island had their own colors
Always sad to see the boat coming up as the end of summer is so final
Water out, antifreeze in.
The zinks needed replacing as well.


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