Moving the boat cradle begins to be a hobby of its own! And an expensive one. The cradle has now been transferred on land, at the sea and somewhat also through the air.

Hitching a ride

This time the wind was blowing on the pads on top of a truck

Last fall the cradle got to travel with a ferry, this time the wind was blowing on the pads on top of a truck. We get to lift up the boat to the home harbor of Yacht club Sinbad and the cradle had to be moved there with proper tools for the job. Not the cheapest of hobbies to “walk the cradle”, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… let’s see where it needs to be taken next… 🙂

Happily at the home harbour




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Posted by:Liberta is following two dreamers prepairing themselves and their boat s/y Liberta for the life at the seven seas.

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