The New Chartplotter Makes Life Easy

Liberta’s old chartplotter was at the end of its lifecycle. It not only old, but also inconvenient. It wasn’t mounted anywhere and had to be lifted to companionway when used. For this reason I had never used it. Although I had had my own sailboat for 16-17 years, I had never used chartplotter on my own boat. A true old school paper chart man! 🙂

Choosing the device was time consuming as the number of devices was huge and my knowledge around the subject at zero. I was also considering available maps and how the device is compatible with other devices. After a long process, I chose B&G’s Zeus2, due to its qualities and compatibility. Especially touch screen and separate button appealed to me. Price campaign including maps of the whole Baltic Sea was the last trigger that did the job.

Old GPS had to be persuaded out using a rubber hammer…

Natural place for the chartplotter was above the Yanmar start panel. In fact there was so little room that it was fitting like a glove – any bigger would have hit the wires of the start panel.

Pretty good, almost by accident.

To install the device I had to take out the angle grinder make a fitting hole. The boat was at sea already. Luckily the weather was ok and no bigger boats driving nearby at the same time! Still, even a small movement made it more difficult. The result was very good, especially considering it was the first time doing this.

Just enough space for the seven inch screen.

Timo was helping out with the electrics again and the chartplotter wires found their place nicely. We already got scared when the GPS signal was not found in the beginning. The device with its inbuilt antenna is behind a thick aluminum layer… We were happy to see our position on the map after all the NMEA2000 devices had been restarted.

Plotterin asennus metalliveneeseen
It’s fitting nicely!

We were glad to see our position on the map! =)

As an old school paper chart man sailing with the chart plotter, that tells you were you are exactly all the time, seemed confusingly easy. Especially on the first trip driving into a shallow natural harbor was nice and easy when the position could be seen accurately.

On our summer holiday the AIS information was definitely worth the money as the speed and direction information could be seen on the chart plotter. Crossing the sea lanes with heavy traffic was no longer that exiting when grasping the speeds and directions were no longer a matter of estimate.

Uusi plotteri in action
There we are!


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