Wow, Ups…Jibe!

It was already the second weekend in June when we finally got out sailing for the first time. Our time had been spent on everything else on the boat but not sailing itself.

The trip was short, but mentally very important as the game was on now for the summer and the boat was beginning to be ready for a longer trip.

We took a look at the small island Stora Svartö near the cape of Porkkala.

The captain
The beginning of the trip had to be motored

The way there can not be called sailing, as the sails were not up for more than 30 minutes. There was either no wind or just a small breeze of headwind. So we motored our way there for six hours.

Nice wooden sailboats gliding in the calm water.

The island is a nice natural family oriented place. The harbor is very shallow, according to the map the entrance is promised to be only 1,2 meters. According to our sonar the lowest point was 2,7 meters, which is enough for us. We came ashore nicely, thanks to Jussi. I was merely concentrating on dropping the fenders. I was prepared to tie us to the quay but there were helpful people in my assistance. Thanks for them!

Fenders, my core competence.
Fenders, my core competence.

Our chubby, rather rough and hippy long distance boat seemed credible, almost as if she was coming from the Atlantic. At least that’s the picture I saw in my mind.

During the night we celebrated our first sailing trip by drinking Champaign and enjoying the feasts of the grill.

This is not a barbeque advert!

Drinking Champaign in the sunsetBut this was perfect!

And then the exiting part

On our way back we sailed at times faster than 8 knots only using the main sail.

I managed to jibe accidently. Or I suppose it wasn’t an accident as were supposed to do it anyways. But I guess the timing just wasn’t right as the sail crashed to other side rather unintentionally. I got scared as wasn’t able to change the direction of the boat and didn’t know what to do. I guess I still need some rehearse before claiming the master title.

To balance it out, I must say I progressed in some areas. I could the keep the boat right when putting up and down the sails. And I learned which way to take the red and green buoys. Heh!

What comes to the rest of the trip, Jussi kept his cool and steered mostly.

Ofcourse at this stage I could think of the big tropical waves, volatile winds, ripping the sails etc. But I refuse to think of the horror pictures.

Instead, I’m looking forward our trip to the Baltic Sea in July!


The chartplotter was working like a dream!
The chartplotter was working like a dream!
Summer man
A chive?
We sat on the rocks watching the sun go down
And suddenly the bottle was empty.
And suddenly the bottle was empty.

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