Renewing the doors didn’t go too well last year. Learning from The Companionway Fiasco, the second time went a lot better, but not that much easier.

The old temporary front door

I’d been figuring my brains out a way to lock the companionway doors. I hadn’t found a safe and secure, simple solution. But the lightning struck as I was visiting my friend Jussi’s boat. This is it! YES! Brilliant! I’d spent countless hours googling for the perfect solution. Simple is beautiful.

The simple locking solution in Jussi’s boat.

The new front doors was already ordered from Muovikilpi Oy. Fortunately I still had the old one available, so I could take the exact measures well with it.

Its easy to get the correct measures this way. I’m not recommending it though. 🙂

Because the hatchcover couldn’t be fitted with the companionway, I fitted the companionway to fit the hatchcover!

Because the hatchcover couldn’t be fitted with the companionway, I fitted the companionway to fit the hatchcover! So, I took out the angle grinder and cut a “nice straight line”. Okay, the boat was rocking and the seam was long, so it isn’t beautiful, but it doesn’t matter as the seam is not visible under hatchcover…

Grinding… the disks are wearing out superfast cutting metal.

This time taking measures was easier and the door was the right size the first time. Even if the idea was clear, a proper piece to use on the door with the lock was harder to find. Finally I saw right sized U bolt that did the job.


I’d already done the tree parts last year and luckily kept them available. This made the job a lot faster and when I had everything in place it was fast.

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Look pretty good, even if I say it myself! 🙂

Also the view out is great. You can lock the hatch also from inside.

The result is brilliant! As I got the doors fitted in their place, a spontaneous celebration took place! 🙂 I must say it really felt good after last year’s disappointment. new companionway doors
Okay, one more picture! 🙂




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