Moral Support From The Real Sailors

Last weekend we went to Pentala, Espoo for a Finnish Open Sea Sailor’s seminar to learn from the more experienced sailors. The topics of the day were long-range communications at sea, producing electricity and sea rescue. The night ended with Pertti Pulkkinen sharing his experiences from the kidnapping in Somalia.

Fresh at the sea before seven o’clock… 🙂

The seminar was very useful and interesting. The topics were familiar, but a lot of new information was gained from the practical experiences of the old geezers.

Suomen valtameripurjehtijat
Experienced sailors sharing their knowledge. Antero Järvinen and Ilkka Liukkonen had sailed around the world. Reijo Liljander three times around the Atlantic ocean and Matti Salo on his way to the second around the world trip.

It was especially nice to get to know Antero Järvinen, who had sailed around the world partially even alone. His Ebbtide 33 was one of the finest boats we’ve ever seen!

All the details were well though of and the boat was very sturdy and beautifully finished. Antero showed us the use of SSB and told stories about his Fennoscandia round sailing which he did alone! Quite a adventure for anyone, let alone doing it at the age of 75! Respect!

Antero sharing his wide knowledge.

The thing that sunk deep into our minds were the conversations with the experienced sailors. It was actually liberating to openly discuss about your dreams and goals without having to fear the reactions. These men and women had already lived their dreams and sailed around the world, knowing its possible to make your dreams come true. We got a lot of valuable tips and moral support that we needed to boost our confidence.

Horror stories from Somalia.

Even if we did hear also a bunch of different horror stories, the feeling was awesome. We met many nice people who gave us courage and made us believe more in ourselves and making our dreams come true.

Towards new adventures.


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