Charging The Batteries

During the fall it started to feel like we’re running out of energy. After all the hassle with moving, we spent the nights in a manic blog translation sessions and Kaisu writing her articles to the Finnish sailing magazine Vene. Something needed to be done. We decided to go to Thailand to charge up the batteries! Even with the loss of savings for THE trip.



Now we’re laying here under the hot Thai sun, on an almost empty beach. Travelling right before the season was an excellent decision as the prices are half cheaper and there are a lot less tourists. Our choice of hotel was also a success and we’ve enjoyed the almost empty beaches.

Our minds are resting in this view.

Nightly walks on the warm beaches, almost reserved for the two of us, under the bright stars with the sound of the waves breaking have been experiences that have exceeded our expectations.

The bones are warming and the batteries are definitely charging! 😊

– Jussi & Kaisu

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