Mood Lighting With LED Lights & USB Charging

One of the things done during the summer that added the most comfort was installing the LED strip lights. Previously the interior of the boat was either dark or bright. The light in the saloon was provided by the roof lamp. When it was on the feeling was far from having mood lights… With the led strip lights on both sides the light is a lot softer and the mood is totally different. Still there is enough light for normal activities.

I installed two one meter long LED strip lights on both sides. They fitted nicely and the wires are hidden under the mouldings. Installing the strips was easy because my friend Timo had been helping with the electrics. The power cords were drawn under the bench to the closet. From the closet wires go the new lamps and the USB chargers.

The thing that required the most thinking was how to install the power switch. I’m glad Timo was helping me out, cause I lacked experience on the subject. We wanted a smooth solution where you can almost secretly put on the lights. The switch was installed to the roof on the starboard side. The result is what we were looking for, the switch is quite unnoticeable and the lighting is giving indirect light and is creating far better mood lighting than before.

The LED strip lights are installed behind the moulding. Notice the switch on the right-hand side.
LED nauhat
The LED strip lights are giving enough light and create a nice mood within the boat.

Another long-needed solution was the reading lights. The reading lights are made out of LED chart lights. With the flexible arms they suit nicely for the purpose. And as LED lights they are not consuming too much energy.


One of the most important needs of today is charging your mobile devices. For that purpose two dual USB chargers were installed, one in the saloon and one in the forepeak. The dual chargers were surprisingly good. Now it’s fast and easy to charge your mobile. During the sailing trips of the summer this was much appreciated as there’s always a need to hang out in the social media… 🙂

Thank you Timo for helping me out!


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