End of Season

The winter is coming. Fall is getting to us no matter what. Time spent at sea was very limited in September as we spent the weekends travelling and during the weeks we had to pack our stuff. We moved together with Kaisu and packing up two apartments into one, meant that a lot of stuff needed to be donated to others in need. And I must admit, there’s still loads of stuff coming out of the closets.

We lifted up the boat right after we got our belongings moved. So there was very little time to put the boat in shape. In the last minute, the night before, we were emptying the black water tank, taking down the sails etc.


Previously during the week, boat cradles were put in place at the yacht club work night. It was the first time lifting the boat with the mast up and the whole process at Sinbad with the huge crane etc. was new, so I had a number of questions that needed answers. The Sinbad people are very helpful and I think I got a good idea of how things would work out. Thanks again for everyone who helped!

The boats on the A-quay are huge and the tools are of according size

In the common lift up day at Sinbad a humongous lift crane is used in order to lift up boats weighing 30 tons or even more. So the tools are pretty rough for a small boat like ours. I’m glad I found out about the details as there was a penalty fee for boats taking more than five minutes to lift up… As with the spirit of the club, people are helping each other out and I don’t think there were many boats exceeding the time limit.

Our lift went ok, cause we were well prepared. But as always, lifting the boat is exiting, especially this time when the surroundings and the way of working was new. The backstay was taken off and I set halyards on both sides to support the mast a bit from the back. This way the lift cranes lifting frames had room to be behind the mast. The lift went as it should. There was a guy in place from a washing company and the bottom got cleaned nicely by a pro. One of the best ways to spend money, as doing it yourself with poor equipment is a pain in the bottom.

The best that money can buy

There is a lot to do emptying, cleaning the boat and covering it before the snow is coming. But sailing wise the season is over now. I think this was the 17th summer when I had my own boat. Even if much of it was spent fixing the boat, I must say that this was the best summer ever!

Waiting for the next summer.


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