Sweating The Small Stuff, part 2

The sound insulations of the motor cover were all worn out and cover in smut. By replacing them the hope was also to reduce the smell coming from the engine.

Looks a bit better…

Some of the insulation parts had to be cut in an exact angle and were difficult to cut. But the result was pretty good what comes to the motor cover and the covers in the aft cabin. Still on the todo list are the sides next to the motor.

Lazy man unscrewing the motor cover screws with out a screwdriver… 🙂

In the small improvements include for example changing the gas cylinders to composite ones.

Kaisu is allergic to light while sleeping. In the country of the midnight sun this means buying blackout curtains. Those were found from an online store for campers. I’ve found that often you can find same articles made for trailers, but without the sailors extra in the price. That was the case also in this case. Curtains in the marine stores were many times more expensive…

Even the curtains are cheaper for campers. =)
Looking good, shining new…

Also the saloon table hinges were looking nasty and were not increasing adding the lust to eat around the table. Almost the same kind were available at the nearest hardware store. Of course one couldn’t find the exact match anywhere. The more expensive choice would have been ordering it by the meter somewhere, but I settled for good enough. And they look good, shining new…

After the first trip we were pondering the lack of storage space for food. Kaisu’s good idea was to change the cupboard made for drying dishes into a food cupboard. So the old companionway door was recycled into a shelf. During the summer’s month long trip this was found a very good solution as we needed to store more food. The dishes were dried anyways by hand or in a separate rack, so the built in rack for dishes was unnecessary.

Next we’ll take a look at the next steps. A lot of things had to be delayed, from the radar installation to the wind vane…


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