How To Make A Frame For The Boat Cover As Cheap As Possible?

At work we have a saying that creativity begins, when money runs out. That was the case here also. I was going through stores looking for a suitable solutions for covering the boat. Previously the mast has been on the boat, giving frame for the cover. Now that the mast is still up, also the covering needs to be rethought.

In the stores I bumped into frame kits that were priced at several hundreds of euros, at the minimum. I was thinking that **** this, I’m not getting into that. Instead, I started by asking myself, how could I do the boat cover frame without buying anything? After a minute or two, the solution was pretty obvious, the boat is full with ropes that lie unused the whole winter. –> Let’s make the frames from the ropes!

Quite a hassle

On the bow side of the mast I put the spinnaker pole. The ropes could be set steadily over the pole. On the aft side of the mast I drew the ropes from the mast to the boat’s roll bar. I put a rope in the middle and on both sides to make it easier to move under the cover. And then just ropes across and also some crosswise to keep the gaps between the ropes suitable. The result looks like what one can imagine a bondage fan would appreciate! =)

Time for the boat cover - aika laittaa pressu
Bondage art

Then just on with the tarpaulin. Getting the tarpaulin on was not that easy as the mast is up. Of course, I started the job at the last minute. In this case that meant that snow was already coming down. So the job was done in a rush and the cuts in the tarpaulin for the mast could not be set as good as I would have wanted. One of these nights I need to go and hammer in some eyelets to get the torn bits sowed properly.

Got the boat covered in the last minute

In the end the result was quite MacGyvering. Still the tarpaulin is bagging a bit too much, so some more adjustments needs to be done… but at least I can say that the making the cover frame was cheap! 🙂

Plenty of fresh snow
The mind was at ease looking at the beautiful view at night, knowing that the boat is covered… =)


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