I Did It Myself And Saved – How To Make A Frame For The Boat Cover As Cheap As Possible, vol 2

If I’m honest, this whole boat cover idea (How To Make A Frame For The Boat Cover As Cheap As Possible?) seemed pretty soft from the beginning. The ropes left the cover pretty loose and the point of the mast seemed like the weakest link from the get go. Winter with it’s frisky winds have proven that MacGyvering like that wasn’t enought to last the whole winter.

The boat cover torn to shreds

The wind had torn the eyelets out of the cover and as mast is up, the hole fitted around the mast was enought to tear the whole boat cover in peaces…

A new cover will no last forever…

On Saturday there was a nice cool breeze to set up the new cover and to try not to slip down from the top of the boat. It’s not too good now either, but at least there’s some piece of a whole cover on top for a while…

For next time, a few notes to self – now that the mast is up, I should have put the boom for the main sail back on. That way the ropes would have been tight and easier to tighten up later. But most of all, I’ll never leave the mast on again, if I don’t absolutely have to.


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