How’s It Going?

Situation today. Helsinki International Boat Show. Several visits. The spring should be coming. It’s not. Disstress.

Those are the feelings on top at the moment. My head is filled with big and small things that need to be thought, decided and done. I’d like to wrap up my sleeves and start working on the boat, but the winter is keeping it’s grip.

There are loads of things still under thought, like how will I isolate the front peak and install the new water tank? How about the boat roll bar? It needs to be renewed so that it could carry a few solar panels. And still have room for the current antennas and the new radar.

Bowsprit. A lot of thinking is still going on around the subject. It would be cool to have a proper one, like in the Garcia yachts? On the other hand, would it be too sturdy? Would a lighter bowsprit do? Or how about a simple anchor roller straight at the bow?

How easy would it be to change the steering system to a helm?

How about the heater? The old one isn’t totally broken, but it wasn’t sufficient on last summer’s sailing trips. I’d like to do a locker for drying clothes and blow some air in it too. Then again, I got warm only by asking the prices of the heaters at the boat show. After a bunch of supplements, the prices seem horrific. But the gear do dry out without it, right?

What to do with the spray hood? In some of the VDS34’s I’ve seen some sturdy built-in solutions, which seem like they’d last. Then again, a lighter one might do the job aswell.

Tanks! The capacity for water might be OK in normal conditions. But how about the diesel? Where could I fit a bigger one?

And the batteries? Is there enough capacity? It would be nice to have more…

Is the nature giving the answers?

What is good enough? How much is too much? There’s plenty of questions, but a little too few answers still… 🙂 I guess they will be solved one at a time as always.

Maybe the answers will be found on the ski trail… 🙂


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