What Is A Yellow Brick Tracker?

Previously we blogged about the gear we were still looking for. A bunch of our friends have been asking what is that Yellow Brick you were looking for (we bought one used).

YB3i Tracker

YB3i Tracker antenna

The device is sold new by the name YB3i Tracker. The device is a location and communication device. It uses GPS to track the boats position and uses Iridium satellite network tell the information further. One can set freely the frequency how often the position is sent. The information can be used for example on blogs, like here on Melian’s page. We are going to test this on the coming summer holiday trip, using a similar site, where Liberta’s location can be checked.

Greetings from somewhere!

Another reason why we wanted this device was communications. The device uses Iridium’s satellite network and thus works everywhere. One can use his own phone or a tablet and connect it with the YB3i by using Bluetooth connection. In order to send messages, one needs an account, where credits can be topped up. The sent and received messages are paid by the length. Only the owner of the device pays the line rental and the others pay only the traffic they use.

So, with the TB3i Tracker everyone on board can send messages privately, anywhere in the world. And without discussions about the costs afterwards.


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