Doing Things And Planning Of It

January. January has gone by fast this time. There has been more things to do and plan, than there’s been time to do it.

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Measuring distances during the summer.

Our todo -listings have been divided into four categories: Learning, Planning the voyage, Fixing the boat and Financing. In January, the focus of things has been in the last one. We even started our own company for making it easier to do some of the things. Obviously this has required quite a bit of research and paper work. Also improving and adding new features to the blog page has demanded attention and learning of new things.

Jussi’s work space. Todo lists per month under the maps have been divided into four categories. Below the months is always the next month on a week level.

Sitting muscles have been trained also on some of the courses of Pajalahti’s boating school (seven boat clubs joined to arrange different courses during the winter time). The first course was about systematic work on servicing one’s boat.

As one can see on the picture above, I’ve already tried to add more systematic approach on things with my todo lists. Still, I’ve found that too much time was spent for example last spring on hunting after small parts, when the actual job at hand was suppose to be done. Regarding this there were a few good tips on the course that stuck in my mind:

  • A detailed list of all parts of all devices that need maintenance, with model numbers, where the parts were bought and when were they last changed (It hasn’t been once or twice during the years that I’ve forgot to buy some specific mounting gasket or other some details…)
  • Having the list also on Google drive/other cloud service (always with you, where ever you go)
  • Manuals – when one is for several similar devices – underlining your device model’s information (When servicing the engine, it always takes the first five minutes to figure out which one of these was our engine model. Having a rush or a rough weather doesn’t help at all…) 🙂
  • Keeping the manuals also in electronic form, in the cloud and in the phone (For example last fall, during a dark night, with heavier weather, I had to steer and google after the manual. Luckily we were close enough to Estonia reach the mobile network and the right manual was found. But I can say that I could have done it much easier…)
  • Categorizing the jobs by planning, acquiring the materials and by doing the job so that one can always see the phases of each. (I suck at writing down the plan in detail, which leads to missing out on just some %€##”&% minor detail, typically a screw or a tool that need to be just the right size. And then I find myself driving after some 5 cent part…)

But then again, well planned is totally undone! – Nothing beats the doing itself. The best lesson I’ve learned has been during some renovations made with my uncle Esa. Just do it. You just better start where you are, with the tools and knowledge you have and don’t spend the time worrying about how it should be done. You’ll learn by doing.


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