The Same Old Saab

An old story came to mind from a conversation I had with a friend of mine.

Are you still driving the same old Saab

“Are you still driving the same old Saab?”, was a question that brought back memories from the beginning of my sailing career. The old car reminded me of a couple that I used to look up to at my sailing club WSF in Vaasa. I thought the couple had invested in the right things. They had a beautiful sailing boat and they were always at the boat (or at sea). On the hard land they were driving an old pink Mini. And I mean the real ones from the sixties. With it they drove their knees in their mouths, but the boat was spectacular. In my mind that was the right way to live and to spend your money.

If nothing else, at least I can say that I’m in a situation where I’ve spent all my money on the boat and my old Saab, with screaming breaks, is scaring the people walking by… 🙂


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