Posers of Liberta

Finally we were out sailing with Liberta last weekend! Hurray! Even if it was only a few hours trip around Helsinki, it was easy to get into the mood. The weather was very warm as well and probably the first time we were able to sail with Liberta wearing just a T-shirt.

The preparations were ongoing to the last minute. We were still dusting the mattresses when our guests arrived. In a matter of fact, the whole boat was a messy work site just the night before. Jussi was making some wood work, while Kaisu was brushing the last layers of paint to the navigation station walls.

If we’re honest, we sailed till the sunset because of the soft light! We needed the light for taking presentable pictures of us and our boat! 🙂 We’ll be using the pics here on the blog and on other social media channels. Our photographer was our friend Maarit, who’s pictures you can find on Instagram with the name @laventelissimo.

Sailing is fun!

Sailing itself was a pure pleasure, it was already nine months since our last time at the sea! Last six weeks we’d been fixing the boat on water, watching the other boats gliding by in the most beautiful weathers we’ve ever had in May. That gave some motivation, but we have to admit, also made us a bit jealous. But now it was our turn to enjoy the summer we’ve missed so far.


We took a turn at Vallisaari. An interesting former military island outside the city of Helsinki. Very interesting place with it’s history. But on a Saturday night there were a bit too many party people to enjoy the place.


Now were doing the final preparations on the boat. The to do list is still a bit too long. But we’ll do the ones that are the most important. We’re eagerly waiting for the beginning of July and our summer holiday. We hope to get to Bornholm or maybe even Rügen, but it all depends on the weather of course.


Kaisu & Jussi

Pictures by: Maarit Eriksson

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