To The Seas!

At last it’s time to enjoy the fruits all the sweat and tears. The spring and the summer until now has been spent on grinding hard every night. I’ve been fixing the boat every day after work and during the weekends, practically till nine or ten every night. Plus the drive back home afterwards. After coming come one is easily still thinking about how get everything done and with the high RPM’s it’s easy to sleep badly. Still, the days have been shorter than during the previous year. Now that I’m not living alone, I have to think of other peoples timetables and leave the tasks unfinished…

Also otherwise I haven’t been so exhausted, thanks to Kaisu’s good foods. Thanks again honey! Last year I saved time on eating properly and I reached the weights only seen during the army times! Still the chronical lack of rest was wearing me down. My head was freezing. Thoughts were tumbling and weird things seemed difficult, like parking the car! 😃 Once I backed to a post. Luckily with a low speed. It must have been on a blind spot and that wasn’t so bad. But one night I forgot to break when I parked the car. Again with a low spead, but still. My thoughts went something like: “Fuck! I forgot to break!” Neighter the wall or my car were hurt. But I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even tell Kaisu, so she wouldn’t worry for nothing.


But now the boat is in shape and we’re off to the Baltic sea! Special thanks for helping me out with the boat to Pete and Timo! In addition thanks to Ville and Kimmo and to Matu and Hannu from Sindbad!

Now it’s time to enjoy the summer and the boat at it’s own element! Good summer to everyone!


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