Tip Corner Presents – Christmas Gift Idea For a Sailor on Black Friday

Here’s a nice tip for a sailor! My friend Venla told me some years ago about a guest book their parents have in their boat. The take a picture of their guest with a good old Polaroid camera and glue it in the guest book with the guest’s text. A brilliant idea!

November darkness inside the boat proved to be difficult both for the instant camera and the iPhone 8 Plus.

Since then the Polaroids have been making a comeback. In a use like this, they are at their best. With the Black Friday campaigns coming up, this tip is hitting the spot. So, now is the time to buy one, if you liked the idea or you’re looking for an idea for Christmas present for a sailor!

We are using a Fujifilm Instax Mini 70, which is not as toy like as the most cheapest ones (though only 10€ more expensive). I guess there’s no limit for the prices of these gadgets either. But for me, the most important thing was to get one cheaply for this use. And it’s good enough for this use, as there is a selfie mirror for framing a selfie or taking a buddy picture together with your friend. 🙂 And with the timer, the photographer gets in a group photo too.

Buddy picture. I got a kiss.

The film has to fit the camera and that’s where the money is for the manufacturers. But I think that even if the pictures would cost one euro per shot, they are worth it. It so cool to see the pictures later on anyways… 🙂


More info on Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera.

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