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After the deal the boat was at the dock of the HTPS sailing club, which had its own docks on an island of Pyysaari in Laajasalo, Helsinki. The place is very idyllic, an island of its own in the middle of nature. However, from the boat renovators point of view the location is very difficult because one can not access the island with a car. So the goods one needs, need to be carried there for roughly a mile. For batteries and other heavy goods, this meant a good exercise.

A new berth was waiting in Merihaka, but before the transfer, it was necessary to do the engine maintenance, replace some ropes and renew the companionway doors as old ones didn’t have proper locks. From the learning point of view
the maintenance of the engine was particularly useful, and the engine of the boat and its maintenance became more familiar. Still, the user manual was in active use as the new diesel machine was of totally different caliber compared with my ex-boats outboard engine.

The more I got to know the boat, the more parts seemed to fall off

The more I got to know the boat, the more parts seemed to fall off. Or the reasons behind stuck halyards end up being worn out ropes etc. So, a lot more things needed replacing than I had thought.

Still good for one more summer?

Changing the ropes took hours as there were quite a few that needed changing. Size of the boat was seen by my wallet also on this one as all the ropes needed to be a lot longer and thicker than on my previous boat. The most expensive rope costing 10€ per meter! Wow! Luckily I only needed 10 meters, but still a chunk off money was spent only on the renewed ropes and still only part of them got renewed…

Changing the halyard ropes is an operation of its own. During the past 15 years, I have learned the hard way the importance of proper stiching if you want to get only one rope through the mast. So a few nice summer nights was spent sewing…


Summer night fever.
Please, go through!
Yes!! There she comes! =)




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