Cleaning The Teak

Several years without use had lead to the tree parts ending up in terrible condition. The boat was literally growing moss! How could I get the moss off the teak parts?

How could I get the moss off the teak parts?

I must give credits for the sales man in a Motonet store at Roihupelto. That guy was able to give tips and the right tools for the job. I can’t even describe how thankful I was. The stuff he recommended was working like a dream. Water the teak parts, rub on the cleaner stuff, leave it on for a while and rub off. Scouring pad with a big handle was excellent for the job! Ofcourse it did required some effort to scrub it all off, but the result was awesome.

Moss is growing…
Just do it…
The results are starting to show after a few hours of hard work.
The owner of the neighbor boat didn’t believe his eyes. I must admit that the end result exceeded my expectations aswell!


The tools that worked like a dream on this one:

Hempel Teak Cleaner

Big scouring set

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