Sailing At Last!

My summer holiday was ending when the boat was finally in shape for a transfer and the first sailing trip!

All the new ropes and lazy jacks meant learning lots of new stuff. Reefing ropes were still a big question mark as the seemed to be way more ropes than in the Selden documents. Not even the old sailors in the docks could say how they should be arranged. I’ll take a look at that later.

Finally the main sail is up and the lazy jacks at their place.
Ville in the fist picture out on the sea with Liberta.
At last Liberta was at its own berth in the end of July.

The first trip was to Elisaari. At first we went to Lähteelä, pushing against a straight head wind. At the same time we were able to test the boat in the big waves. We pushed through the waves easily. The waves would have been too big for my old boat. Trust towards the boat and the engine grew rapidly.

At Lähteelä.

The galley soon became my favourite place due to the wide working spaces.

The interior of the new boat seemed fucktional. Loads of room to sleep and beeing able to stand straight felt wonderful. Especially the galley soon became my favourite place due to the wide working spaces.

Food coming up.
Always as exciting route to Elisaari.
Rocky views of Elisaari.

Also the sailing qualities of the boat felt great compared to the old boat. Already the fact that only one boat passed us the whole way from Elisaari to Helsinki on a Sunday in July told that the boat is fast. Even if the speed is not at head of my list for the qualities of the boat, its always nicer to pass others than to be passed… J


Heading home
Sailing at last!
Merihaka on my mind

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