Peak Performance

Doing it the hard way. Now it was time to install the windlass and the anchor roller to the bow. Again it wasn’t a walk in the park.

Almost enough space for the anchor roller.

Also on this job I got help from Pete, who made miracles with metal, again. Of course, if it would have been easy, anyone could have done it.

Making the hatch a bit smaller.

The anchor, windlass and the anchor roller were found used last year. Year model was not the reason for not installing them, the boat simply wasn’t made for them.

At the place for the windlass was a hatch for the anchor chain, so the hatch had to be modified. As if this wasn’t enough, also the handrail had to be modified in order for the anchor roller to fit in…

A bit more sturdy piece of aluminum for windlass.

Pete has a magic ability to take a few measures and pop by with pieces fitting like a glove. Had I tried the same myself, I would have missed by and an inch!

Welding the plate for the windlass. The plate is a bit thicker and supported underneath, so it will take the force of the windlass.

The support underneath had to be accurately placed so that the chain and bolts for the windlass would fit nicely. And they did.

The original hatch was cut to half and the new piece of plate also supports it underneath.

Off with the hand rail…

Then it was time to make space for the anchor roller. A sawzall and a grinding machine was used to remove the pipe and the bracket for it. Pete got the off nicely for later use.

The wind was blowing again a bit too hard making the welding difficult.

An attachment was made to join the original place for the pipe and the original bracket and pipe was moved 10 cm backwards. It didn’t become at all such an eye catcher that I had thought. A pro is a pro. Thank you again Pete!

Welding job finished -
The hatch and the hand rail nicely modified!

While it was time to install the windlass and the roller, it was a good time to take off the old anti-slip and put on some new paint.

The anti-slip deck coating needs to be changed on the whole boat. But, lets start one piece at a time.

I didn’t have the right tools for the job. I can say that a rubber hammer and a spatula is not the way to do it. Way too much work, but in the end I got it off. And the rest was grinded away.

New color on and it looks better! 

Primer and some coating on. Luckily this time the May weathers were just perfect for painting! And afterwards it was time to model the winch and the roller for their places.

Modeling the anchor roller and getting the sweat running with the chain. (about 70 metres rolled back and forward…)

Modeling the anchor roller was again a bit difficult alone, but someone had to do it. The boat was rocking and the roller didn’t want to keep it’s place. After going through all the swearwords the roller was installed. And I think it’s pretty OK. The new anti-slips and the electrics are still on the to do list. Cause there are a few other things before them on the list… 🙂

The Anchor roll installed -
Anchor, anchor roller and the windlass at the peak spot.

– Jussi

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