What’s So Special About Watching The Horizon?

When meeting with other sailors, many feel as we do. Sailing for days just looking at the horizon is the best there is. But what is so wonderful about it?


One of the most fascinating things is simply the empty horizon. It’s beauty consists of  staring at the horizon, the eternal movement of the ocean and the forward going rocking boat. That’s a recipe for a good hypnotic feeling. For me, one day at the sea get’s me in the mood and after that it’s pure pleasure.

The empty horizon is looming in the eyes. There is nothing. And at the same time there’s everything.


Rocking boat makes your brains move in a relaxing motion. That rocking continues of course also while you sleep. And that makes sleeping in the boat just wonderful. You are one with the boat. You feel feel it’s movements and hear the sounds. Often you know the exact speed of the boat lying in you bunk. You can feel the changes in the wind. A good feeling goes through your body as you hear waves petting the sides of the boat as the forcing wind grabs a hold of the boat taking it forward faster and faster.

Staring at the waves and the horizon has a lot same elements to it as watching the fire and the ever changing living flames. But the difference is that you can control the fire in the fireplace. But being in front of sea makes you humble. You are there only because the mother nature let’s you to be there. You are under its mercy. And your happy about it.


One of these days I was pondering that “The empty horizon is looming in the eyes. There is nothing. And at the same time there’s everything.” I think that sums up many the whole thing. You get a feeling that you are one with it all. I am part of the nature. And the nature is part of me. You get a feeling of safety as you can see the whole horizon and there’s no-one there. It must be written in the genes of the humankind. The open landscapes lacking the feeling of danger makes our minds at ease.

This is all I need. I am where I belong.


At the sea I get a feeling that I don’t want to be anywhere else and I don’t need anything else. This is all I need. I am where I belong.


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2 thoughts on “What’s So Special About Watching The Horizon?

  1. Wonderful said! You just picked the right words to describe that very special feeling of being at see. Many times we cursed ourselves “how the hell did we want to sail the big ocean” when the circumstances were not so nice to us. But most of the time we were very happy!
    Wait until you are sailing the oceans yourself, far far from home. We wish you lots of luck and fair winds.
    Warm greetings, Warren & Maria SY Nightfly, The Netherlands

    1. Thank you! Great to hear from you!

      Yeah, that’s something we long for, watching the horizons out at the big oceans some day… =)

      – Jussi

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