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Towards The Horizon

Always at the crossroads of her life. This was how I was described last fall, and the description was the truth. All the future plans seemed as good, as long as they would include traveling far away.

On my head there were vague thoughts of sailing, disengagement. My plan was unstructured and unrealistic, lacking the first steps towards it. I spent my time mostly dreaming. I surfed on Facebook’s crew wanted sites. Maybe something like this, maybe someday, if the right boat comes along?


My first sailing trip in 2013

I spent three years in an odd in between space. During that time at least something became clear to me: the idea of total freedom, the importance of freedom to man, the clear horizon towards which I should strive.

My plan was unstructured and unrealistic, lacking the first steps towards it.

My longer breaks within sailing had been left to two sailing trips with the Sail Training Association Finland. The trips lasted for two weeks and I enjoyed them immensely. On one of them I met Jussi. At our fourth meeting, Jussi introduced his bookshelf, the first part of the wall full of books was on how to sail around the world, and the second part on how to fund it. I knew pretty soon that I was not going to be a sailing bum by myself, but I would join forces with him.

Jussi has made a lot more to make his dream come true than I have, including buying a boat suitable for the voyage! (In addition, he is able to sail, which is also a must if you plan on taking a long voyage. J) For me, I’m still thinking about the next steps, like if I should go for a Sailing Course, or would it be enough to gain skills on our upcoming summer sailing trips.

Our sincere aspiration is to take us to the seas of the world sooner or later.

Now we are in a situation where we take concrete steps towards the realization of our common dream. Steps have names like wind turbine, radar, AIS system, base paint, wall painting, electrics renewal, and millions of other things on the to do list. We do not know where these steps take and in what time, but our sincere aspiration is to take us to the seas of the world sooner or later.

Welcome to our blog to follow the preparation!



Making A Lifelong Dream Come True One Step At A Time

What is your life defining hobby? A recent conversation with a good friend of mine awakened to reflect on what is important. During the past years my lifelong dream of long-distance sailing was buried badly in the background as my time and energy was spent on renovating our summer cottage. Although saving the old summer cottage was great and important, sailing and the sea is the source of my happiness.


Jussi at the source of his happiness, sailing. This time with a Swan(!) in the fall of 2016.

I’ve been dreaming of sailing around the world ever since I was a little boy. I still remember the moment when the thought crossed my mind. I was wondering how is it possible to make a sailboat out of concrete over the pier at my home town in Vaasa. My father explained and described the boat so big that it could sail around the world.

From that point on, the idea of ​​long-distance sailing has been with me. And actually, I feel as if I have worked for it all my adult life. I bought my first boat during my studying years, with the money I was making working nights at a local supermarket and Student Loans and Other Loans.

My father described it so big that it could sail around the world.

15 years later I awakened to the fact that other things had gone beyond my dream. Something had to be done! In my own thinking, I started by asking is this really something I want? Do I have what it takes? I wanted to find out, so I booked a trip to the chilling Atlantic Ocean at April, sailing from the Azores to Ireland. The trip was simply fantastic and I enjoyed every minute of it. Yes, this is still my thing!

I had had an alarm on the top boat selling website in Finland, but a boat that would have met my criteria AND been cheap enough for my wallet had not surfaced during those years. In the spring of 2016, however, things finally clicked. An aluminum Van de Stadt 34 (in project shape) was sold at an appropriate price. I immediately took the phone and rang. And that’s where the story of the boat began…

The huge cake has been cut into smaller pieces and the things have moved foreward fast.

Planning of The Voyage got a wind behind its sails when I started dating with Kaisu. Redbul Love gives wings! A common dream of long-distance sailing has put things on another gear. The huge cake has been cut into smaller pieces and the things have moved foreward fast. Its awesome to work for a common goal, even if the days can sometimes be long.



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