Is There Anyone Helping At The Open Seas?

Distress somewhere out at the open sea. Is there anyone out there to help? What can you do yourself?

If your Finnish skills are not rusty :), and you are interested in safety at sea, read my article in the 12/2017 edition of Vene magazine! (Finnish sailing magazine) The story can be found in the print issue and in digital form here.

The Baltic Sea somewhere in between Helsinki-Tallinn last fall.

Writing the article thought me at least that the cavalry is not arriving too fast, if at all. The responsibilities of the coastguards of the Western Finland and the Gulf of Finland limit roughly in the middle of the sea areas surrounding Finland.

From there on the Finnish officials can merely keep contact with the officials of the country at hand. If the boat is far enough, there might not be resources available to give a helping hand, as was the case last April when a Finnish family was stuck in a storm at the South China Sea.


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