Improving The Interior


The interior of the boat was beginning to be worn out and the dark wood seemed to suck all the light. Also the roof was partially without any treatment. Still in September we started the painting job so that we could see how the white color would change the outlook. And also there is so much work to be done that it’s good to start by doing one piece at a time.

There is so much work to be done that it’s good to start by doing one piece at a time.

The first places to paint were the window surroundings and the galley wall. “At the same time” also the WC got some paint on the walls as it was in a desperate need for a more fresh look. And later the electric wires need to be taken away from there.

Tape was not saved this time.
A few layers later.
White color added light to the galley.
One piece at a time.
The starting point was not too fresh.
Already looking better!

The first painting jobs brought already a lot more light and confirmed that we are on the right path. The amount of work needed is so huge, that it was good that we started one piece at a time already at fall.


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