Tallinn By Night – Racing With The Waves

This was probably our last weekend at the this year. Sad but true.

Our destination was Tallinn, where we were able to head on the friday afternoon. That also meant that the last part of the trip was going to be made in the dark.

At first it felt like the wind was very calm. But as we headed further out the wind began to take our sails.

Liberta on the way to Tallinn.
We sailed nicely 6-8 knots all the way to Tallinn.

Liberta was fighting fiercely it’s way through the waves. And I was fearful at the tiller. I had to start a conversation about what happens when we meet REAL waves and REAL currents somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. As I was not in a calm mood, the conversation didn’t go too well. As there had already been month since my last sailing trip, I had lost the touch somehow and the tension was rising.

In the middle of the trip fall reminded us of its presence. One couldn’t see it in the weather as the summer had been so bad. But as we sat out in the cockpit, some odd sound caught our ears. As we looked up, we could see hundreds of geese flying above. Heading somewhere nice and warm…

There they are, heading to the south.

The night got darker, but somehow the tension was released. The wind had changed it’s direction more smoother for us and the sun colored the sky with violet and pink as it fell to the horizon. Helsinki-Tallinn ferries went past us in their eternal cycle.

Last hours to the Tallinn old city harbor went by fast. We decided to go there regardless of the horrific price of 45€/night, as the old town would be walking distance away and we’d get to see what the marina is like.

The lights of Tallinn are approaching fast.

Liberta was just flying. I’ve never experienced such a rush. The boat was gliding on the waves like a dolphin. All I had to do was just hold the tiller. Not fight with it as is the case usually. The boat is in a perfect balance, said Jussi. The speed didn’t go under 7 knots even ones during the last miles. Did Liberta want to take us to a secure harbor as fast as she could?

Sleepy Pärnu

We were in the harbor around eleven. Getting there in the dark felt exiting, as the guest harbor was at the back of a narrow route. And to get there we had to go past the big ferries. The small Liberta was gliding slowly besides the humongous Silja Line, where the disco lights were flashing and the drunken Finns were roaring in the night….

Empty beaches of Pärnu.

For saturday we had rented a car and we visited Pärnu. The idyllic summer city was already winterized and the activities consisted of walking at the city and by the beach. When we arrived back to Tallinn it was already late and the rain was pouring down on us. We remained at boat to enjoy the mood of rain, instead of heading out for the night.

Animal life in Tallinn.

From old town harbour, 45 euros seemed expensive considering the facilities. Dirty and moldy toilets and showers didn’t give a quality output of the place. (the comment is regarding the facilities closest to the harbour) During the summer we made the same observations on the harbour of Pirita. So, we couldn’t help asking, that why don’t they take care of these places that are on the busyest locations? Elsewhere in Estonia the harbours buildings are proudly taken care of!

Well, if our way over to Estonia was made in fair winds, the way back had to be made motoring as there was no wind at all. But the sunset was again just awesome, crowning the trip.

Was this the end of sailing for this summer? Liberta will be soon on the hard. And a lot of things are left to be done during the winter.

Text and pictures: Kaisu

Liberta, less than 45 feet.
My motivation mug. I want to see these flowers live when we are sailing through the seven seas… 🙂
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